The Minecraft server.

The community has it’s own rented vanilla minecraft server, which is whitelisted.
If you would like to play on this server please contact the admin or leave a message on the messagebox.
In order to play on the server you’ll have to be a “wcb” member or known user.

The server rules are just like the regular rules but with the following additions.

People who are actualy playing on the server are:


Only if you’re whitelisted you can join.

Server Ip:
World seed:

Download the server texture pack: here
Download the WORLD map: X

Download water only shaders: here
…You can only use shader packs if you installed optifine…


We are more then just a group, we are family!

West Coast Brothers
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Usefull downloads / info.

» Download wither killing locations.
» Optifine (increase performance/gfx).