Our server: VikingCraft.

We have a few members that play minecraft, the server is whitelisted only.

Our players are friendly and skilled, some in building and others in the technical aspect of the game.

We do not tolerate:

Server Info:

Server ip: vc.westcoastbrothers.nl
Server version: 20w18a

Server Admins:

If you like to help out the server then below is a button or QR-code to donate to __Viking__  (server owner).

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Click to enlarge image. March updated.

If the size is to big you can usualy move the map with the arrow keys, once zoomed in.

Currently not available to view.

If you want your builds or bases shown, let me know. (Mechanoid)

/trigger sethome - sets current position as your home.
/trigger home     - teleports you to your home coördinates.

/trigger afk - sets you as away from keyboard.

/trigger farms - show clickable/teleport farm links.
/trigger shops - show clickable/teleport shop links.

/trigger goSpawn - teleport to Spawn.
/trigger goEnd     - teleport to The End.
/trigger goNether - teleport to the Nether.
/trigger goPVP     - teleport to pvp arena.

/trigger tpa             - teleport to a player.
/trigger tpaconfirm   - accept a player teleport.
/trigger tpacancel     - decline a player teleport.
/trigger tpahere       - teleport a player to you.

Trigger commands made by Digit1704, for questions about it please contact him ingame.

With 1.16 release, what kind of Nether reset would you like?
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